Live From Mars

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A cuckoo coo-coos while flying. Nearby, a congregation of red-throated flycatchers quarrel for space among the bougainvillea vines. I imagine them clustered in a circle around two smaller bi…

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Hunting for the Neuroscience of Heat and Violence

Economists and psychologists tell us that increased temperatures can drive conflict. Is there any brain science here?

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Six Nations Rugby in Watercolor

Hello! The second week of the Rugby Six Nations contest went by in something of a blur for me… all of the Dodd household struck down with the mother of all headcolds/flu! Glad to say that we&…

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The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Laurie Byro’s “Luna”

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laurie-cloistersThe Lighthouse Keeper

The lighthouse keeper kills his mother.
It’s the same old story. I walk the neighborhood,
head bent low with frost. This could be a crate
filled with sea glass. Two poems rubbing against
one another on our porch. I’ve abandoned
one or both, sharpened my longest nail, filed it
to a point, shoveled snow and ash to snort you up
my nose. I’m tired of straddling a white
picket fence. We breakfast on Tab and Tylenol.
You fuck your mother over and over, rattle her
like teeth in your back pocket. I start drawing finches
with black crested tiaras. It’s all in the way
we walk, my friend. Seaweed tied to our wrists.
Naked-eyed I look out to sea. The lighthouse keeper
has stifled her heartbeat finally. The light shines
through blue Siamese eyes, remote enough
for one of us left and still afloat.

This selection comes…

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