America Is Broken Essay

Published by Novel Masters Everyone can agree that the last week has been full of grief and sadness, as well as horror, compassion, reaching out, and some heroism. If one can’t agree to that, one is a bigot, hating certain minority groups, loving the ‘right’ to bear arms and asserting that right. There is aContinue reading “America Is Broken Essay”

For Brendan Constantine Poem

Published by Mad Swirl For Brendan Constantine Tattoos on your skin. Isn’t there enough pain in the world already? Children draw bombs falling from the heavens. No human rights, no homes left, no comfort for them. The sky has fallen down. Parents weep. I too have cried for the loss in my life. No anonymity,Continue reading “For Brendan Constantine Poem”

Purveyors of Death – Poem They arrive each year, by first class Or in their private jets Sometimes, hundreds of the family Come to shop in Kensington Staying in their otherwise empty Apartments. Londoners are priced Out of their own home city Dictators and despotic sheikhs Kings of absolute monarchies Descend upon the annual arms fair The weaponsContinue reading “Purveyors of Death – Poem”

This Odyssey – blog entry 5

So, I have told you how this illness crept upon me, at first almost invisibly and then faster until it was aggressive and I was in extremis with muscle tremors and spasms. My left side was uncontrollable, and I has lost too much weight. I was very scared. In the beginning, when I had toContinue reading “This Odyssey – blog entry 5”