America Is Broken Essay

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Everyone can agree that the last week has been full of grief and sadness, as well as horror, compassion, reaching out, and some heroism. If one can’t agree to that, one is a bigot, hating certain minority groups, loving the ‘right’ to bear arms and asserting that right.

There is a danger now, more than ever, that some legislators, the NRA and other groups such as the KKK, far right ‘Christians’, etc will grow numb to deaths, bloodshed by assault weapons, mass murder and terror, mangled limbs and life changing injuries. Just two Republicans voted to have a vote on gun control. They are brave and should be applauded. I’m assuming that there will be a debate over some legislation to prohibit the ease of obtaining guns, which presently are as easy to buy as a tin of beans, and easier to get than some decongestants.

Now, why does a society prohibit the number of simple medications one can buy, ban certain toys as being a danger to children but allows assault weapons, rifles and all kinds of hand-guns to be purchased without any checks or screening, or rules about where they should be kept. Surely in a cupboard with a solid wood or metal door, locked, with the key hidden?
Or at a gun club, to be used for sport, target practice etc?

People say society has become conditioned to accept the status quo. I disagree. There’s a lot of people who want gun control, including President Obama. The blockage is the Republican who hold elected office but are funded by the NRA. That is a complete conflict of interest and very undemocratic. An elected representative’s first duty of care is to is to his/her constituency, not to lobby groups. It would be fascinating to know just how much dirty money flows from the NRA to the GOP.

When someone like Donald Trump becomes normalised in politics, enough so that he is the Republican presidential candidate, there is something seriously wrong. Trump has expressed his hatred of Muslims, and apparently would gladly deport eleven million of them. But they are the second or third generation, where would they go? He has said he will build a wall along the Mexican border. There are migrants who risk their lives to get a better life, they want to earn a good living, pay taxes and become citizens. Trump displays a short-sighted view which will gain the U.S. many enemies. Indeed, Trump himself has gained many enemies during his campaign, countries who hate him, Non-Government Agencies that deplore his ideas, and individual politicians that he has insulted, such as the Mayor of London. He has not been invited to 10 Downing Street, though he claims he has. Trump has never even held any elected office, not even in the boy scouts as far as I know. What system allows someone with no political history to run for President?
Chrissie Morris Brady
A self-proclaimed White Supremacist, Trump is a very dangerous man. And yet he is popular. That is scary to people who value democracy, diversity and acceptance and tolerance. Trump used the tragedy at Orlando, the brutal murder in cold blood, to score political points. There was no compassion or grief in his tone. Yet he has been normalised, idolised. It’s almost like Hitler all over again. NEVER AGAIN we declared.

The Founding Fathers would be appalled at the society America has become. Assault weapons used to murder groups of people. The GOP being in the pocket of the NRA. The existence of the NRA!

It seems to me, that societies with written constitutions get into hot water in court cases, the passage of time and inventions, and the equal society that we now expect. The Constitution of the United States was written entirely by men. White men. There were no women involved, no First Nation (well they were conquered, had their land stolen, and were dealt with), no black people, no poor people. All the Founding Fathers came from rich, titled families in England. They had slaves and lived very comfortably.

Now the Second Amendment was designed to allow men to form an army to protect the country from invaders, or to end a tyrannical government. With muskets. Rifles, semi-automatics, and assault weapons were never imagined. It is being misinterpreted and misused to appease the masses. Assault weapons were never intended for civilian use.

Isn’t it time that the Constitution was re-examined? With women, people of colour, gay people, every sort of people, in mind? And maybe the Right to Life should be considered in revising or abolishing the Second Amendment. It is no longer of use. It is defunct. It is as dead as a dodo. The U.S. has an army, an airforce, a navy, police forces, national guard, coast guard and more.

Now some people are saying that ‘toxic masculinity’ is responsible for the gun culture. I cannot agree. This phrase has been invented by feminist groups to state that women are not understood by men, are dominated by men and to say men are sexually aggressive. It also suggests that men cannot talk about their feelings or articulate love and affection toward women.

Now, I agree that some men are sexually aggressive. This is usually due to a sense of inadequacy in other areas of their life, some unconscious issue with their mother, or a testosterone imbalance. But it is the nature of men, biologically, to desire sex in a different way to women. A lot of women don’t ‘need’ sex. But that a whole other ball game.

There are a huge number of women who own guns too or have access to them. How many times has a young child accidentally shot their mother dead? By putting their hand in the mother’s purse or fiddling with the object beside them? The first school shooter was a sixteen-year-old named Brenda, who in 1979 took a gun to her school in San Diego and shot eight people. Why? Because she didn’t like Mondays. Colombine and the other school and college shootings came later. A girl led the way.

So in view of this, ‘toxic masculinity’, an invention of women, is not the cause. Most shooters are suicidal, bigots, sociopaths, dreamers of a utopian world, cowards, and other damaged characters. Some of them are criminally insane.
It is harder to get mental health care than to buy a gun in the States.

So, you’ll see as many women at shooting ranges, gun clubs, or with a cupboard with guns in it as you will see men. It’s just that men tend toward violence much more, including in suicide.

Today there was a vote to get some legislation on guns. Let’s hope President Obama gets his wish to limit access to guns. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to visit more bereaved families in another city, and doesn’t have t console injured, maimed survivors. Can today be a beginning in curbing the use and availability of guns? As someone who has twice had a gun pointed at her, I realy hope that change is coming.




Author: chrissiemorrisbrady

I've read poetry since I was nine and have written creatively since I was fourteen (probably long before that). After writing book reviews and social comment, I decided I wanted to write poetry. I have no formal training, but I surround myself with poets and their writing. I am honing my craft. I have two published collections which I don't feel good about, but have been published by and other publications. I live on the south coast of England with my daughter. I am seriously ill.

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