Another name…on my Odessey

Time has moved swiftly on it seems. It’s hard to believe it has been two months since my last update here. Procrastination does play a part in this, but really I have had nothing new to say until now. My swollen leg and sore throat featured in my last entry. I became concerned that theContinue reading “Another name…on my Odessey”

Like Juno – this Odyssey

This entry comes quite soon after my last one. This is because I remembered something that I forgot to include in the previous one, funny really and because there has been a response that has been touching. My whole career has been one of empowering people to change their lives for the better. Whether getting off drugs,Continue reading “Like Juno – this Odyssey”

Further on this Odyssey

Procrastination had a bit of a  grip until now. I’m finding the honesty needed to write this very draining. Also, around two weeks ago, I had a ghastly thought – what if I don’t die of this? What if I continue in pain and exhaustion, unable to breathe properly, my world becoming smaller as timeContinue reading “Further on this Odyssey”