November – this Odessey

Last week I had been experiencing a dull, heavy, ache in my chest. I hate going to the doctor about stuff like this, it means tests at the hospital which is so difficult for me to access.

On Friday even the pain came again. I watched a movie to try to distract myself and let it pass. It did not. I could not lie down, and had to keep sitting up. I began to be short of breath. Eventually, I decided I needed to call an ambulance.

They spent an hour in my home asking questions, testing my blood sugars, taking my blood pressure etc.

Then they asked if I would be OK to walk to the ambulance which was right outside my door. Except I had to stand, hanging on to one of the paramedics while they lowered the ‘ramp’. I ended up bending over in a lot of pain and completely breathless. They gave me GNT and aspirin, which really helped.

I had to have three ECGs, timed over a certain period, and an X-ray. I don’t remember having so much blood taken before. I don’t let my blood go easily. A vein was blown in my hand. It is full of pretty colours now.

They found nothing. But I will ask if I can have GNT on prescription. I don’t want more trips to A&E.