More On My Journey

Since my sister died of sepsis, and my beloved O’Driscoll, my constant companion, died exactly a week later, I have found my emotions somewhat confusing. I have started to grieve, certainly, but this has been blocked by realising that a vicar I had trusted was coercively controlling me. He made agreements on my behalf, despiteContinue reading “More On My Journey”

Untitled – poem published by Anti-Heroin Chic

Untitled you remember those summers, after Germany, long and hot on the grass or in the apple trees our world, our castles really in the air, branches so familiar, smoothed by jeans and you’d sing into the skipping rope later I’d hear them on the radio and think you were magic, a moonbeam you styledContinue reading “Untitled – poem published by Anti-Heroin Chic”