Dark times on this journey…

The aggravation my nervous system at Easter weekend, which caused me to need pain relief in hospital overnight, has still not subsided.

My muscles are contracting which causes mostly discomfort, and some pain so I am grateful that my new sleeping medicine works. It works very well, and although I wake early, I fall asleep again and can lose a whole morning. So I am taking it earlier in the day and experimenting with that.

The care company have given notice. I’ve been very upset about this but now feel quite ok about it. The office is rude and the majority of staff dislike the office.

I have a friend who has moved to the road. It’s so pleasant to have good people here. It makes a huge difference to have great people close by.

It seems dark because my breathing is so difficult. At times I feel I am suffocating. It takes so much energy to take a breath. It’s mostly because of the heat we’ve had but also I had the chest infection. And although I was prescribed steroids again, they have not had the effect they had when I had the same prescription in January. wish at times, my life would end. The breathing, the muscle spasms. I have to concentrate on gratitude, which is harder now. This minute. I want my Dad, my sister Pamela, and my dog.