Not well on this journey

Near where I live

Photo credit: unknown

A few moments ago I was thinking about God and prayer. I was thinking about all the wonderful friends I have who pray for me. Friends I’ve known a long, long time. And I thought how God can be thought of as breath in that we do not see him and yet there is evidence of him all around us.

Breath is the first action we make arriving in this world, and our last action as we leave it. Breath is vitality, it is the core of our existence and life. When breathing is impaired, we are dis-eased, not ourselves, and have less well being. So breathing is directly connected to our spirit/soul. When our lungs are diseased our whole life is threatened.

Before my last sentence I went to a neighbour where I knew a friend was doing some gardening. It did me good, some conversation, someone else’s achievements and point of view. The neighbour has recently moved in and it’s very enjoyable to watch the progress. She has finished the painting and awaits her possessions to arrive in June. I am trying to influence her to get rid of astro turf which was there when she arrived. It supports no wildlife of any sort, not even an ant.

I am passionate about conserving our insects, pollinators, and natural habitats. I am against corporate big business and the stripping of forests, wetlands, meadows, etc for the sake of money. We are part of this planet and yet we have almost finished destroying it. Please don’t use plastic, reuse what you can, repurpose it or give it away.

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I am not confident that I will stay out of hospital this time. I have to trust God and I know my life is safe in his hands.