Surprised at how well I did today

magic, miracles, serendipity, blessings, joy, delight

Today I awoke expecting a mattress to be delivered and my friend Ruth was going to take off my bedlinen and put it back on the new mattress. That happened, according to our plan. But thrown into the mix was a phone call that a French drain was being put in today, the 13th and not on the 30th as I had noted it. Also, I’d reported damp marks high on my dining room wall and thought it might be from my bathroom, so plumbers arrived too.

My house felt like a revolving carousel. The men doing the French drain were slightly grumpy but the plumber was so very pleasant and as he was leaving he carried out a bag of clothes for me and even went back inside the house to fetch my sunglasses for me. Pleasantness is not hard.

In between all this, I needed to collect my standby antibiotics, drop off to a charity shop, get some bin liners, and try to book a hair cut. It all got done and I still feel in control of my breathing, although it’s taken quite a bit of self management. I couldn’t have done today without Ruth, or even the helpfulness of the plumber.

What is it in your life that makes difficulties? How good is your self-management? Some people make lists, others plan a nap into the day. I’m interested because other’s methods could help me. Self efficacy is essential for me otherwise I would exhaust myself.

I am very tired now, but feel a sense of achievement. I also managed to buy an osteospernum and a tomato plant. And I now have borage, which I’m thrilled about, crazy plant lady that I am.

Do share some of your coping strategies. I’m waiting to hear.