Losing the plot…

On Tuesday my day was back to back appointments with people and the hair salon. I found myself exhausted, as I’m an introvert. Physically as well. I’d had a good breakfast but a very meagre supper. So yesterday I made sure that I had a supper packed with calories.

This morning I had guests whom I was expecting, but was caught off guard as I was responding/deleting emails and so lost track of time. We had a lovely cup of tea in the garden and they admired many of my plants, which pleased me greatly. They are both great gardeners and plantswomen.

Then I took a shower as I felt very hot outside and now I am all cool and have responded to more emails. I have had to delete some that I was hoping to read as enrichment as a writer. My life right now does not allow time for that luxury. If you are reading this please leave a message.

I feel that in the 15 days that I’ve been without help I begun to lose the plot in the last few days. I’ve been calm no breathing problems have occurred, but the last two days I have not planned my meals well.

The photo above was taken during a drive back from Southampton. I had taken my daughter and her best friend shopping, and we found ourselves in heavy traffic and it started to pour with rain. I noticed the rainbow in my side mirror and took the photo as soon as I became stationary again. It’s a photo that brings so many happy memories. I loved driving my daughter and her friends around.