Finding the balance…

This local avenue of trees illustrates symmetry, a form of balance. I am still on my search of not exhausting myself whilst enjoying my day, with allowances for the unexpected. Yesterday, my inhaler ran out and I did not have a replacement in the house. So some lapse of management on my part. I phonedContinue reading “Finding the balance…”

A happy morning, after anxiety…

Having needed to be nebulised yesterday, I did not get a lot of sleep as I was so wired. Strung out as those who use drugs for recreational purposes might say. Sam came, she is helping me finish the reducing, recycling and repurposing that I started with such gusto in January. I really impressed myself.Continue reading “A happy morning, after anxiety…”

Still asking for responses to managing difficulties…

When I encounter someone with a problem they find hard to manage, I ask how they can break it into ‘bitesize’ pieces. One lady found it hard to do her vacuuming, so eventually she decided to vacuum one room at a time. With my breathing problems, I need to sit often and stay calm. IContinue reading “Still asking for responses to managing difficulties…”

The relief is always brief…coping

Yesterday was such a pleasant day and I enjoyed it so much. A day shared with loved ones is always a great day, I think. Especially when you are sharing a common goal, like my garden. Today I am towards struggling with my breathing again. I realised last night that the antibiotics prescribed this timeContinue reading “The relief is always brief…coping”

Sunburnt but coping.

Yesterday afternoon I went to post an important letter and my lungs felt like lead. They haven’t felt like that since I had pneumonia a long time ago. But I felt alert and interested in life, whereas with pneumonia one is listless and passive. I got home and phoned my medical practice. They had theContinue reading “Sunburnt but coping.”