Repost from Dissident Voice

War by Chrissie Morris Brady / May 15th, 2016 They talk about being in harm’s way,your son, father, husbandThey’re in slaughter’s way andoften don’t see another day.Bullets tear open guts,blow their brains out spilling on the dirt.Grenades blow limbs off, shell shock,blood soaking shirts.Killed, maimed, driven insane in harm’s way.Collateral damage, friendly fire,euphemisms to placate.CiviliansContinue reading “Repost from Dissident Voice”

Dark times on this journey…

The aggravation my nervous system at Easter weekend, which caused me to need pain relief in hospital overnight, has still not subsided. My muscles are contracting which causes mostly discomfort, and some pain so I am grateful that my new sleeping medicine works. It works very well, and although I wake early, I fall asleepContinue reading “Dark times on this journey…”