I can’t work it out…

I have a very complex relationship with food. I have never been able to work it out. I’ve studied to become a psychologist, I’ve been counselled, I’ve counselled others. I really just seem to confound myself and everyone else. I generally say that I am ambivalent towards food because my four open brain surgeries leftContinue reading “I can’t work it out…”

Repost of poem published by Dissident Voice

If the Government won’t come to us, we must go to them in person, by letter, email or tweet. We must tell them we are tired, oh so very tired of broken promises. Mainly, it is the lies. They word things carefully, we call it spin. But the rich are still getting richer and theContinue reading “Repost of poem published by Dissident Voice”

Poem Published by Scarlet Review

For David I drank your adoration, it made me glowin truth, I was used to being the golden girlyou liked my dresses more than my sister’sI was chosen for your team, football or hide go seekwe’d meet at school in the woods and kissjust like at home in the shrubbery or the denalways together, youContinue reading “Poem Published by Scarlet Review”

I’m beating my diagnosis…

Most people who know me would use the word determined in their description of me. I don’t really feel comfortable with the word, as sometimes I don’t bother to try, I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be determined about. I see myself as giving energy to those things I care about. InContinue reading “I’m beating my diagnosis…”

Poem published by Ariel Chart

(a poem after sexual violence)  It Might Rain  Looks like it might rainThe flowers will welcome it The holiday makersWill be disappointed Their plans of ice creamGone awry, cloudy skies Looks like it might rainA day for baking then Knead the dough real hardLet it prove, repeat Chrissie Morris Brady Chrissie Morris Brady now livesContinue reading “Poem published by Ariel Chart”