Today has been a very strange day. I didn’t get to sleep at all on Wednesday night so yesterday I fell asleep at 4.30pm and didn’t wake until 6 pm this morning, when I slaked my thirst and then went back to sleep until 11pm.

I managed to convert a read only document to a docx to attach to an email. Then a man came to put up a new mirror in my bathroom. It has a shelf underneath and small shelves down one side. I’m very pleased and it cost far less than the same one in Ikea.

Meanwhile I had been receiving stroppy texts from a friend who had been doing gardening for me. He actually knows nothing about plants and I had had my flowerbed gravelled over before I knew him, and I had planted a few pots. When I got to know this friend he inspired me to plant up more pots, but we didn’t realise that this summer was going to be so hot, and because I tire so easily and cannot water often enough, most of my plants have died. It’s made me so sad.

At the same time, a man whom I’ve employed a lot to put up shelves, blinds, etc and had left me with grit that got walked into my carpet and later after another job had left a lot of rubbish was begging me to let him do a job for free in order to make up for over charging me. I thought was going mad. My breathing was becoming wheezy. I had to end all the traffic on my phone. My daughter arrived and we had a light dinner. I opened a bottle of Mojito.

I just couldn’t settle. We went upstairs so that I could use the ceiling fan in my bedroom. After not long I wanted to go back downstairs and open both windows. We talked about her work, and then I wanted to go back upstairs. I was using my inhaler a lot, but my breathing was not improving. So I told my daughter that I needed to be nebulised so she waited until the ambulance had arrived. The nebuliser worked. I could talk without gasping for breath.

They wanted to take me to hospital because my tachycardia had not reduced and my respiratory rate had not slowed. I told them I felt normal, my tachycardia was normal although not quite that fast. I said I would not call an ambulance feeling as I did after the nebuliser. So they wrote that I risked death and asked me to sign it.

I know myself very well. I am a good self manager. I know for sure that the Emergency Department is not at all a good place to be for me.