I’m much better…

Over the last week I’ve been expressing how tired I’ve felt. I think a lot of it is my neighbours’ wind chimes which cause me agony. Then my gastic problems flared up for a bit, and so I bought some hydration tablets.

These have the electrolytes we need to stay energised and feeling in charge of ourselves. I added one to some juice and the next day I felt so much better. It really did the trick.

We often think of sleep as the cure to tiredness, but sometimes we need to take stock of what’s going on with our bodies. If we take time to think about our immediate health, we often find the clues.

If you are someone who runs a lot or works out in some way, drinking semi skimmed milk beforehand will prevent dehydration. Milk and Coca Cola rehydrate you faster than water . But drinking plenty of water is really the best thing.

I fell in my garden yesterday. I was knocking black bugs off my birch tree, as tripped, scraping skin from my upper arm, cutting the inside of my elbow. My inner elbow is very bruised now and the area on my upper arm is still very painful.

I feel good though. A fall like that only robs me of an hour. I have been planting and dead heading. My birch tree will also recover.