Today is World Kindness Day…

There have been several days that I’ve meant to write about, but life has taken over in various ways.

Did you enjoy the full moon last night? It is so beautiful. I love it every time.

I went to a poetry event yesterday evening. It was about 20 miles away. I went because an old friend was headlining the evening. There were also a number of people who are always glad to see me, and I was able to put a few names to faces. Poetry is very much alive in my part of the world. It also helped me to feel ‘normal’ after the horrible bruising of my pelvis and the effects of the adrenalin that so overwhelmed my body. The symptoms continue to subside.

You may not realise that if you are kind to someone, you get a benefit too. A smile at someone realises endorphins. These are the ‘happy chemicals’ that we associate with kissing, or laughing, or a good movie.

In studies, it has been shown that people who are lonely or depressed feel better after small conversations with other people. It could be a simple hello in the street, a comment or two about the weather, a phone call to someone.

Helping someone pick up what they’ve dropped, holding dog’s lead while it’s poop is bagged, all this actions make us feel better.

We are social creatures and need interaction. I was grateful last night to a man the bus who seemed ready to get off. I asked him if this was the best stop for me to get off. He told me yes. When I alighted, he was waiting for me and asked I minded as he didn’t want to be a pest. I was touched, and assured him his consideration was appreciated. We walked to a crossing, and everything became familiar. I thanked him and crossed over.

During a break in the evening, I went and reminded myself to Connie, the DJ. He is so lovely, so warm and so kind. At the end of the evening he took me the shortest, uncrowded route out of the bar. He almost kept my handbag. I’m truly fond of him.

My friend, Abby, bought me a drink – I must buy her one, it’s over due. All these acts of kindness make the doers feel good. As well as me.

So when you feel low, smile at someone. You will feel better. Try to say hello to someone, do an act of kindness and try to talk to people.

By Chrisssie Morris Brady

I've read poetry since I was nine and have written creatively since I was fourteen (probably long before that). After writing book reviews and social comment, I decided I wanted to write poetry. I have no formal training, but I surround myself with poets and their writing. I am honing my craft.
I have two published collections which I don't feel good about, but have been published by and other publications. I live on the south coast of England with my daughter. I am seriously ill.

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We often act like a mirrors and I really agree with what you wrote. No matter how hard it is, it helps to do something good for others, even though it’s “just” a smile. It reflects back to us. We all have something good to give or share, but we forget. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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