Between liking and in love

there is


falling for you,

anticipating your arrival, your touch

your smile, the way your black eyelashes

spike above your so very blue eyes

You touch my spine as we kiss hello

my body anticipates your body

delicious is the delay as we talk, we laugh,

do you realise I am falling

the gifts you bring me, you remember my words,

thoughtful, you ease into my heart

So this is falling, wondrous falling,

wanting to please you, as you easily please,

freefall, into your constellation,

moon and stars you are the night sky

what magical moments in this falling,

knowing I will be caught by the moon

Published by Poetry Bar

I had no feelings for him until close to Christmas last year, and that wasn’t deep enough to feel hurt when he left me. If he had never come back to see me, I would never have felt more for him. What a mess he has made in my life, and I was vulnerable after the death of my sister, and then my dog. He should make amends. I don’t hate him.