Thanksgiving is coming…

By now, all my American friends will have frozen some dishes in advance for Thanksgiving. Even if they are travelling to friends or family, they are bound to take something with them.

I have cooked for Thanksgiving, and mostly have been a guest. It is my favourite holiday as no gifts are involved. It is a sense of togetherness. I love the holding of hands around the table, praying our thanks to God for blessings and the goodness of life.

My favourite dish is candied yam, and pecan pie. I love the whole meal.

If you are receiving guests, here are some ideas to welcome them.

Add ginger to hot chocolate and coffee. It is very warming and delicious.

Add cinnamon to those drinks if you find ginger too strong. Or give a choice.

Make the dairy free cake I gave the recipe for in a previous blog of that name.

You can make Gluhwein, although this is traditionally a Christmas drink.

Please invite people you know will be alone. They may be friends or folk in your road. Or a homeless person you see in town.

Once, while walking my dog early one Christmas morning, I met a homeless man and invited him home to have dinner with us. People thought I was mad, that we would be burgled etc. Ftt! I’ve had worse behaviour from my next door neighbours.

If you can, why not volunteer at a shelter for the homeless? It’s very rewarding.