Foods that heal…

I have always thought my diet was pretty healthy. I saw an article written by a colleague about the link between sugar and diabetes, and some nursing homes ban sugar, but I have never heard of Alzheimer’s being called Diabetes 3.

My attention was grabbed because I load up with simple carbohydrates to keep my weight healthy. Of course, carbohydrates are converted to sugar. The pancreas has too create insulin to break down the sugar, and a high insulin production damages brain cells.

So, I have decided to add more protein and fats. Fats heal the brain, and boy does my brain need healing. So I have stocked up with nuts, butter, cheese, Skiya, yogurts, and changed back to full fat milk.

I will have carbohydrates as treats: doughnuts, cake, etc and will continue to use sweet potatoes instead of regular ones.

I already use olive oil for cooking and dressings, and I always have black olives in the fridge.

Anchovies and sardines are on my shopping list. They re both great on toast or on toasted slices of sweet potatoes. You do know toasted sweet potato is a thing? You can put whatever you want on it. Avocado with something zingy, like a bit of sweet chilli sauce, or a peppered strip of chicken.

I will need to do this slowly as my stomach can no longer handle immediate changes, and foods I used to love no longer like me.