A very difficult day…

Today I made a complaint about not being consulted about the building project. I had registered my objection when it was listed at no.7 on that road, but no-one informed me when it changed to 6/7.

My objection is possibly still valid. I don’t know the law on planning. No work has gone on today. They say they only consult neighbours but no neighbour will be affected. Only I am affected.

I have found today very trying. I cried this morning after I spoke with a case worker at the planning office.

Then someone came, and I had just settled down to write when there was someone at the door. It was the postman, who said he had lots of packages for me. I suddenly felt overwhelmed and asked him to bring them in and help me open them. He asked me something, which sparked a nerve and I exploded at him briefly.

I felt so ashamed. Two medicines that I take affect my mood and temper. I am normally easy going and happily peaceful. I hate myself when I feel overwhelmed and then react badly. It isn’t me.

So I am waiting to hear what happens about the building. And waiting for John, the postman, so I can apologise.

My packages were mainly plants. So I transfered them to the garden and planted most of them. The rest will hopefully go in tomorrow, even if the storm comes.

I need a downpour to be out in. I love storm.