Still not great…

Today is a better day, although I can’t say it’s been good. It’s pouring with rain and the wind is estimated to be around 80mph. They reckon a month’s worth of rain will fall this weekend.

I feel for the people in flood areas. Techically, I am in one, and I’ve had lots of flood warnings by phone. But the waves won’t reach me. The harbour wall was raised last summer, so now when one is out on the Quay there is a low parapet along the edge, instead of a drop into the sea.

Earlier, I realised I’m due at the theatre tonight. I thought it was in March. I don’t mind braving the elements, but I’m in no mood. On the other hand, it’s music I love, and seeing people, both of which are healing.

Also, I can get cash and some food. The pros outweigh the cons but I feel so ick and bleeeaaaagggghhhhh. As Snoopy might say.

I got some housework done, and ate something. The first I’ve eaten since Thursday. I find it hard to eat when someone spews anger over me. Someone phoned me about that, and I was aghast that the angry person had lied about several things in the last few months. I hate losing faith in people like this.

I will tell the truth to my own hurt.

My daughter came at some point. She helped with a few tiny things around the house. She did not present her best self, and said some hurtful things.

I just got an email to say one of my articles on medium has been curated. That means a publisher on medium has published it and now I am one of their writers. Live Your Life On Purpose publishes articles about slices of your life and how you live it on purpose. Not just going one day to the next, only having a job to pay the bills. Having no resilience or passion.

Meditation still works for the nerve in my leg. I have pain elsewhere, and I have a skin condition that is weeping.


Some people need to lie to feel good. Les Sherlock stole my Intellectual Property…

I found this in my Google profile. It is a complete lie. I asked Les Sherlock NOT to write any music. I hadn’t heard any of his compositions, but all my friends told me I should not ever let him near my Opus Dei.

I was stupid enough to ask him what he thought, and he asked to keep a copy. Stupidly, again,I trusted him to respect my wishes that he not write any music.

The next thing I knew, he had done it, He stole my Intellectual Property.

A ‘Christian’ who bullied me in a vicarage, spitting saliva in his anger that I had opinions about my own work.

I sent it to contacts in the U.S. who told me lyrics were brilliant but the music appalling. Chrissie Morris-Brady had the idea for this musical, and wrote the words in 1989. After unsuccessfully looking for someone to write music for it, she asked me to have a go. After unsuccessfully looking for someone to write music for it, she asked me to have a go…