Running out of battery, mislaying my bag, and three heroes…

I have used this image recently, but I feel for that chicken. Little did I know how wrong my morning could go…

Yesterday, I went to a city named Salisbury for a poetry event. About halfway there, the bus driver announced that we all had to get out and another bus would come because a mirror had come off.

It was cold. I wanted to not be there. A man started to chat with me. He was interesting so the time passed quickly. I got to Salisbury and asked someone for directions as I knew I had to turn a corner, and went on my way.

I got lost. The pub wasn’t where he said. A different one was. I turned back and asked someone else. They were more accurate, and finally I was in a warm pub.

I had some soup and warm bread with butter. I forgot to pay. Thankfully I had mentioned I would be upstairs. A waiter tactfully waylaid me on my way out.

The evening was really enjoyable. It was anti-valentines as a theme, but the room had hearts scattered across tables, with chocolate hearts and I’m afraid I scoffed the lot on my table.

There was funny poetry about love, and angry poetry about love.There was irony, satire, and we laughed a lot. I read a love poem and a poem that asks about love in times of illness.

I was tired before I got there. It’s a late night and a need to leave in order to reach home by lunch time.

I had difficulty getting my trolley over my friends’ threshold. So I asked their daughter to hold my bag which had my overnight stuff in, and my handbag.

I proceeded to the bus stop, some ten minutes away and then realised my bag was missing. I felt panic as I was convinced that it had fallen off the footplate of my trolley. So I went back and saw it nowhere, and my friend was out. I started to go back to the bus stop, but the battery on my trolley had run very low. So I came to a halt. I had tears in my eyes. Then a supermarket delivery van approached and I waved it to a stop and out jumped a lovely lady who called the police. Then a young man stopped and got out of his car. He had seen me travelling the other way,

I didn’t have my friend’s number, as we communicate through Instagram. The lady started searching facebook, but the young man found him quickly on Insta. A message was sent, which, amazingly my friend accepted. As soon as he saw my name in the message, he phoned my friend, who appeared within 5 minutes. I was driven to his house, in the Supermarket van, made a cup of tea, and then my trolley was dismantled and put in his car and drove me home.

I have been tired and jetlagged so to speak.