Interdependence not Codependence

Connection with others is important to all of us, and this is particularly true in our romantic relationships. Without connection, it’s hard or even impossible to create intimacy with our partner. Any long-term relationship requires us to grow and develop our emotional connection with each other. We’re hardwired for connection. There’s no arguing with theContinue reading “Interdependence not Codependence”

Another article and doing better…

I had a self-inflicted bad day as I hate this lockdown although I know the logic. I feel better since I got an amusing WhatsApp message from a friend. I have been writing and am feeling the love from the community here. I feel sorry for my friends in the US, as that is theContinue reading “Another article and doing better…”

I feel great, but there's nowhere to go..

My visit to my hairdresser has left me feeling great. It’s amazing what a good hair cut can do to a woman. But every where is shut. No cafe or pub to meet friends at. My garden is full of life. My jasmine is full of buds, daffodils are everywhere, forget-me-nots, primroses, salvia, are allContinue reading “I feel great, but there's nowhere to go..”