Needing sleep…

For about two weeks now, maybe longer, my sleep has been very broken. Last night I got 5 hours – that was good. A lot of the time I wasn’t sleeping until 3am or later. Earlier?

I started to lie in bed early in the evening. I would be asleep in minutes but wake before 11pm. I would then be awake for at least 4 hours.

I need this to end. I am losing my mind. I am doing all I know how to get back to my sleep routine. It starts before I go to bed. Just that sleep isn’t happening.

Yesterday, I was giving a conversational English class. It was good except my student is an organisational mess. An hour late, for which he was admonished and then produced his laptop for me edit and reply politely.

OK, but let me know… but finally we began a conversation. So it was pleasant to teach the various ways he can phrase things. Then I tackled his vowel sounds. There we were, Oh!,,, blow! no! sole! And I was good! oh you went back, watch my mouth.. it’s like pushing air out. Great! That’s right. And we were both bellowing Os. What my neighbours thought, I don’t care.

My thigh is less swollen. The other hip doesn’t hurt but I have fallen as it gives way. And I am losing weight.

But my garden is such a delight, and there are so many birds. I sit and watch. Such a pleasure. And plants are growing, blooming. I am thrilled.