A published poem

Midnight, moon is majestic. Full moon, super moon, Pink Moon.

So many titles for tonight. I woke to adore you and tapped my neighbor’s window.

Mysterious moon you are so beautiful that Sun bathes you in light

though she is jealous and will not share her sky, not with you nor starssometimes you slip into her scrim.Moon, you light lovers, paths, and creatures of the night.I need the Sun but I have awe for Moon.I



A poem pubished.

Waking from slumber, the darkness envelopes

but light creeps over the horizon, putting out darkness

slowly the grey is streaked with pinks and peach, mauve

morning is come, greeted by the sweetest joyous song in chorus

of birds who celebrate the newness of day, the growing light.

So many dawns, so many counties, views, I have observed this glory

so much the same and yet unique, and now my harbor is washed in peach,

birds awakened start their song waiting for the sun’s appearance

This is my loved outlook, so many I’ve been, Nowra, Austalia,

always on my mind, and Brussels graven to memory