Meh weather…

Today was supposed to be 15C which is touching on warm. It’s a pleasant temperature for hiking or gardening. It is, however, nothing to write home about.

Today was actually 11C which is nice if there is sunshine. We had clouds and some drizzle. So rather meh for the beginning of May. As I already have the beginning of a tan, you can imagine my dismay.

My sunshine came in the embodiment of my daughter. She filled my bird feeders with me, a daily activity, but I love doing it with her. We chatted and drank tea.

Mike Miranda is following me now on social media. No idea why. So did Aung San Suu Kyu, until I called her out on human rights abuses.

Tomorrow’s weather doesn’t promise much more.

By the way, I never mention the town I live in, so people I mention are not identifiable.

I’m careful about that as I have had trolls in the past who terrified me and threatened my daughter’s safety.

No pain today.