A perfect day…

It’s been a glorious day here. Sunny and warm. I fed the birds, pruned the jasmin so it grows upward and not outward. I trimmed my roses, fed them and the tomatoes.

In the week I need to net my fig tree, which is bearing fruit – not for the birds like my greengage tree. I will need to net the Damson tree too. Fine net so that no birds get trapped.

I will take a photo as Danette asked. Just to bore you all.

I was invited to collaborate in writing educational courses for remote learning. It’s exciting and I’ve written curricula before. It’s convenient as the haters on medium have managed to get me thrown off, though no evidence has been forthcoming. Very odd indeed.

I am collecting tins of a fence protecting paint. I need to do it on a budget. So am using ebay auctions. Forget me Not blue, to give a seaside effect. It’s only my gates that need doing.

I haven’t had any pain today. My hip has felt weak at times and last night the nerve in my right thigh felt like an ‘itch’. I need to put cold on it.

I am listening to the soundtrack of Normal People a great series I watched on BBC. It’s the best I’ve seen in ages, and the music is great.

I realise I am making plans for the future. Even though I want to go. We are all full of contradictions. I am going to email my GP now…

A full moon tonight. Enjoy it. And venus is bright.