It’s just my left hip…

It been a great summer’s day. I watered and fed my tomato plants and my roses. I so want my roses to bloom well this year. One is in memory of my sister, a vivid red and another is in memory of my dog.

Everything is blooming well. I need to check my wild strawberries for fruit. My figs are growing well. My damson tree is thriving but not sure I’ll see fruit this year.

Bees are buzzing everywhere. It’s a happy and colourful place. Photos are coming.

I wonder if my aches are due to a cut in the skin of my foot. My daughter had cellulitis when she was two.

I am better however. Only my hip has not wanted to bear weight but it is not painful at all.

My cousin phoned – always a joy. I love her so much.

The PM wants to start opening the economy on Monday. I feel it is a mistake. But hey ho.


Yesterday was strange…

I wanted to post last night, but was too tired.

It was a perfect day, warm, sunny and peaceful. I fed the birds, cut away fronds from plants that were using excessive energy to promote growth the right direction.

I took a nap and when I awoke I ached especially in my right knee. This was inexplicable. I drank as much as I could and moved around. I felt better but not completely myself. It was odd.

I clapped the NHS with all my neighbours, made dinner, and read before getting to my blog. I felt so tired I just couldn’t type.

I had an early night. I feel better today. Apart from my right thigh having swollen again, I am fine. It’s just slightly swollen, not as it has been in the past.

No pain otherwise. I don’t know why I ached yesterday.