A bit warmer…

Today was warmer but only just. I did shed my trousers and three quarter sleeve top for a skirt, T shirt and cardigan.

I have been curating some of my poetry for an anthology which the Salisbury poetry group that I attend. All profits will go to the NHS so I’m in.

I watered the second half on the garden. The first half was done yesterday. I have plants that I forgot I had. All are doing well. I must take some pics. My garden is my paradise – it may not be your cup of tea at all.

I ordered some hanging baskets but of course the plants arrived first. So I am nursing those until the baskets come – hopefully very soon!

An order of gates paint is on it’s way from a place that I had cancelled. Gnashing of teeth…but the gates will absorb a lot and my royalties for April were very good, so it’s not to bad.

I am so looking forward to the transformation of my gates. It will give a lovely beach feel to my garden.

It’s a gorgeous evening, the sun is just setting. I got an email sent to the ombudsmen about the plans opposite me. If they start working tomorrow I will go and be civilly disobedient.

I gave flowers today. It’s amazing the effect they have. None in the case of my former neighbour who broke her back – she returned them and I have no idea what happened to the book I lent her. Michael bought me a replacement.

I have taken the first step in adopting a two year old Jack Russell. I’ve thought about it long and hard. I can still back out. It’s baby steps. And nothing can happen during Stay Alert.

I actually forgot to order my outdoor tap. A major set back, so hope it arrives quickly now.

Our death rate is much too high. Boris Johnson should be ashamed.