A bit of a write off…

I wanted to get a boat with a friend and launch it with the arrangement in the picture. An inflatable. It would float and wait for the one who launched it, 5 min at the most, and then go rowing.

I miss my Mirror. A sailing dinghy I had.

I didn’t sleep until almost seven this morning. Woke just before 10 am. In my half awakeness my mind drifted to the friend in the photo and suddenly I realised why another friend went cool toward me 35 years ago.

It’s a silly reason, like she expected me to have all knowledge about her. This bugged me for 2 years as we lived next door to each other. Then I left tolive in the States. When I got back to England she was still in my circle but not. Due to her coolness. It bugged me but didn’t invade my life, and then ping! this morning epiphany.

I was in pain and wanted the half state. I love it. But my back is swollen with bruises. Where I bounced off the bedpost.

I didn’t leave my room except to shower. I messaged a friend to see if she could come for a short time to check the bruises I can’t see and make a cup of tea for us both. She must be working an extra shift.

I chatted with a friend in Dubai and he thinks I must have fainted due the weird feeling that the photo was moving away from me.

Anyway I have bruises in places I didn’t realise I had. I hurt everywhere. I am going to bed after this.

Someone I like a lot was scared off a website I use sometimes. It’s been a lot lately, as my cancelled email notification is back on somehow and drives me mad. Someone is playing games and scaring people.

Things have changed on here somehow. I found I’m no longer following a great site which makes me cackle. I like a good laugh and his humour tickles me.