Still in pain…

I curated more memes but am struggling to remember the last one I uploaded and repeat some and then miss some.

I slept deep and well last night. I am still in pain, but I know tomorrow will be better. The chemical which causes swelling to protect an injury starts receding then. So some stiffness and tenderness will start dissipating.

I’ve been writing and early this afternoon a friend needed something which I don’t need, so I took it over. The wind has died down. It felt good to get out with a purpose. I haven’t left the property since Tuesday. I’ve been too distressed. It involved going over a bridge, which has a newish sidewalk, It wasn’t there in February.

It is decking with gaps. You can see the harbour below. I have visions of people losing coins. People with canes or walking sticks tripping, and kids getting their hands stuck.

I always see people I know along that route which is nice, even if it’s only a distant wave. Today I waved, and also met a friend who walked home with me on her way home.

I felt mentally better but wrecked physically. I rested, remembered a zoom meeting which was ending. So I passed the time of day, joked and said cheerio. I was told, just for me it’s an hour later next week.

I managed to get together a veritable feast. Steak, as it’s quick, raw veg with hummus and sour cream, and rosti with cheese on top.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up my mushrooms in butter and garlic, and have them with homemade pizza. I buy high protein dough. Very quick and healthy. Top with passata, some fresh herbs, cheese and veg of my choice. Always with olives.

I’m going to rest now. I’m all done.