Only if you’re incredibly kind or stupid…

…do you get mentioned here.

The one exception is Michael who is both kind and stupid because he thinks the malice from that woman ended when she left.

That’s in the past he said to me last March. And I thought yes it should be but for some weird reason my new neighbours were hostile by then. I thought the lies told by W were being gossiped by Quay Living.

No, that was too obvious.

I’m no good with malice. I’ve only ever attempted to have a therapeutic relationship with someone in my care.

He was flown home to Australia instead of being turned over to the police. He would have been in jail a long time. But considering the crime, he’s probably in jail in Australia anyway. That was wrong of my bosses and part of the reason I left.

I cannot think like a malicious person. It never occurs to me, the things they do.

I just went to get anti-histamine to try to reduce my swelling. Sometimes histamine over reacts and swelling remains. Another chemical is involved too, I can’t think of it’s name.

I have run cold water over my foot. It is so bruised and painful. The trip to the shop has caused my breathing to deteriorate. I thought for five minutes I would have to call an ambulance. Again.

I don’t recognise my life. But then, it’s been unrecognisable since last December 27 when 12kg of kindling from Amazon came over the fence.

When I told Mike he said that she was concentrating on getting well.

Kind and stupid.


The peculiarness of people…

My cousin is being harassed now. Why? Because she has a German mother. Millions of us have German mothers. For crying out loud…

I fell asleep before eight thirty last night. I did not expect that.

So woke at 11.20pm. Not good news. Fortunately I fell asleep within two hours. I just heard a ‘ping’. Not one that my phone makes. Maybe someone walking in the road. I feel tired and drained. My right foot has pain, because it is working harder due to my left hip and swollen left foot.

I am not aware that it is compensating because I am so dominantly left footed. I used to write with both hands equally well. I wonder if George Best ever became ambidextrous with his hands as well as his feet?

But he was not ambidextrous, he practiced right footed kicking and dribbling. Then again, every great footballer practices. He may well have been ambidextrous. In his feet. Not a common phenomenon.

I started using my dehumidifier yesterday. I did feel the difference. There is only about two fluid ounces of water in it, but the benefit works.

Yesterday I gave an Apple charger to a friend. Last night it dawned on me that it’s Mike Ebworth’s. He told me I had too much stuff. I realised this is because he had to go downstairs to charge his phone. Except he didn’t need to, there were two sockets free. I need to use multiple adaptors as I only have three sockets in my bedroom. I have a landline plugged in, a laptop a the time, my non Apple cell charger, a bedside lamp, and two gang planks to allow my laptop and charger to be plugged in. If he had not stunned me with his remark, I would have plugged his charger in for him.

What a mess he left.

Anyway, the dehumidifier is new and was plugged in. I also got an electric hot water bottle and that is plugged in, so where he was not looking I have no idea.

Being a poet brings so much free stuff through the post. I loathe the abuse of trees that goes into this. I want to read a lot of it but don’t have time. Other stuff goes straight into the recycling without a second glance.

I’ve also brought up my family. That leads to more stuff.

I get gifts from friends. For kindnesses. For being who I am. I give gifts too.

My mental health has suffered this week too. I didn’t realise until yesterday when I took the charger to Ally. I felt better when I got home.

Lack of sleep, anxiety, pain all these are not a good combination. Yesterday I cried for no reason. And last night, I wept remembering something awful that happened to my daughter when she was seventeen, and I didn’t know until I was asked to fetch her. She was a wreck emotionally and I was a tigress on her behalf and then held her for hours getting home.

If you come to my blog for info on mental health, please use the search bar. Just put in the word you need. The purpose of this blog is my health and how I live with gratitude and find joy. However, I have reposted articles published elsewhere here.

When people go through posts to other posts like rifling through a book, I feel strange feelings. I chose to use a blog. Yes. But follow or don’t be so rude please. Whoever you are. Thank you.