A surreal day…

This day has been long and surreal. My ankle and leg hurt. They should be getting better. The bruising on my back is reducing but is still tender very tender.

My breathing is fairly OK but has been wheezy once or twice.

Realising the reason my life has been so stressed for more than a year is so devastating. It has impacted my health, given me anxiety, and it so from a very sick mind. I know how sick one’s mind has to be to do stuff like that.

I got plans for my neighbourhood yesterday. They want to turn the whole neighbourhood into a smaller Manhatten Island. I am sick to the stomach and everyone I know wants to move away.

I already want to for other reasons, but I’m not well enough to move. And my garden. I love it too much. I could not live in a flat. It would need a roof terrace or something for me to even consider it. But I can’t make a move. Coming here 15 years ago, it took me two years to recover.

I have contacted a local news station to come and do a story about how the planning office screwed me over and I’ve launched a campaign to get planning law changed.

I am so weary. I watered my garden at daybreak again, but dozed afterwards.

Someone tried to get into my Amazon account again. I haven’t used it since I bought a thank you gift for ex neighbours, one of whom spends time writing malicious letters about me.

So I gave it to Michael, but I’m sure it got chucked out. She even wanted to read our emails to each other. That comes from a very sick mind indeed.

And someone is using my Apple ID which I have never used . I keep getting emails about this. One just arrived.

And so it goes. I am enjoying the weather. My brain feels like it might belong to a goldfish. I forget everything within two seconds.

I wrote two articles about George Floyd and how Minneapolis should be a reckoning for the US. The executions of black people by shooting, by suffocation etc has to stop. Long ago it should have stopped.

The Statue Of Liberty should sink her knees weeping, and Monument Valley should crack and crumble. Darkness should cover the sun, and the moon should hide.


It Would Have Been Better

Poem published.

You should have pushed my skirt up

it would have been better

you wanted to, you told me after

half expecting you would

my panties were removed while you came home

My legs wrapped round you, carry me upstairs

it would have been better

my reserve chokes me, I wanted to be ravished

as you did when I took my skirt off upstairs

so conventional, I prefer haste and heat

like we always have, if you’d pushed it up

it would have been better

you like my skirts and my legs, tanned, long,

you love ravishing me but less in bed please

because it’s better

Poem published.


I have a new troll…

Yep, a new one. They get more stupid as time goes by.

They think I confronted men who are earning on Thursday. No no no.

I was peacefully protesting when these builders started harassing me, filming me, and generally acting like idiots. They slandered me down a phone.

The police told them to shut up and walked home with me while I sobbed. They made me a cup of tea and listened while I explained my reason for protest. They were completely on my side.

Yesterday, I got a call from the office who employs the builders. She told me that no woman should be near builders and she was concerned for my well being.

So, Nigel, mind your own business.