A chink of hope…

The phrase in this meme is something I often say to alcoholics in early recovery or people who can’t seem to move on…

I protested last Thursday because I want something to stop. That didn’t get me far except the police have complete sympathy for me. That gave me a tiny succour and today I replied to some emails.

Construction has stopped. I don’t know how long for.

Today I bumped into a friend in my neighbourhood. He said if I decide to move, he and his sons will do it for me. And he added, whatever you do don’t use QL, pointing at the office, they’re plonkers and added another word I can’t repeat.

I said how strange! They let the house next door to me and they libel me and act like the Stasi. ‘Utter incompetents’ he responded. This is why I never mention my town. No one is identifiable.

So, I have made a short list of maybes. From my neighbourhood to 30 miles away. But I know a move won’t happen. I’m exhausted and all I’ve done is wander the Quay and water the garden.

The rest is writing, which doesn’t take effort except mental concentration. I got my weekly report from my editing suite. A new tone was detected. Sad.

I saw him yesterday, maybe Saturday. He was hurrying which takes away his gracefulness. But I recognised the width of his shoulders and narrow hips, although he is gaining inches of fat. Alcohol does that.

My strawberries are not yet ripe. Still more sweetness to come. And more flowers are blooming so more fruit to come and there are others still green.

Figs are doing well, and tomato plants are massive. I need to cut away more leaves so that the fruit gets more sun and flavour.

I’m not anxious since the builders left. I now have more writing to do to send to my county’s central council.

I shall sleep easy tonight.


Poem published…

George Floyd

Let Monument Valley crack and crumble

the Statue of Liberty fall to her knees in tears

another black man has been executed

A knee on the throat intent to murder

a man who never resisted arrest

that he was black gives license

Let the smoke block out the sun and moon

will American institutions wake up now

let there be another revolution for equality

with thanks to Poetry Bar


Some good things…

It’s been great to do some English conversation class this morning. It’s good to be distracted from my worry about the construction site opposite.

It’s fun to help people get fluency in English. I always give them notes on new nouns or verbs used, and whether the verb is regular or irregular, or reflexive.

I’ve had to change my top up shop as my local one is full of men buying cans of beer or lager. My vicinity is littered with overweigh men, stripped to the waist, lobster red and guzzling alcohol.

The closed beaches are filled with people who ignored police blocks. The police are overwhelmed. I blame Dominic Cummings, and Boris Johnson’s stupid ‘Stay Alert’ instruction.

Locals are driven to staying at home. My regular trips to the RNLI station is no longer a pleasure.

I find it hard to relax when I’m not busy. People had read my blog before 8am this morning. This bothers me. In England. The search terms were odd, and the pages they looked at were just random.

I am waiting to hear from so many people.

It’s very hot. My dehumidifier has barely any more water in it. The difference it makes though.

My cousin is hoping to come down. I did find a great place to live near her, on a river, but I don’t have the strength to move.