The poison pen…

The malice of some woman. Jealous. Empty life. Alcoholic.

A friend in Brooklyn said ‘No wonder he preferred you to her’. People who do this are mentally ill.

I would know this writing anywhere although she has attempted to straighten her dropped curls. The note paper is a complete give away.

Her sister will recognise it as well as Michael.

Tiny minds do tiny things. But the damage caused is unforgiveable. Thankfully I am friendly with a Chief Inspector, who has used his discretion to allocate an officer. They are really busy right now. She can sweat. So can the letting agency who blamed me for the loss of the last tenants.

I am still enjoying English conversation classes. I wish I had started before last summer.

My garden will be beautifully nourished by rain water. It is still raining.

Zoom poetry last night. Chaotic but no one got drunk. Professional poetry events by zoom have an agenda, and no one speaks. It feels odd not to clap. But no chaos.


Rain at last…

We are here to be kind and do good to each other.

I am so glad that at last it is raining. I don’t need to water the garden and maybe some of the idiots will go home from our beaches. I don’t mind people coming for holidays, it’s beautiful here. But mass invasion, needing all our emergency services? No. It has been horrible. Major injuries, near drownings, boats and kayaks in difficulty. And locals buying their kids paddleboards just at this time.

The rain is heavy now. I’m really happy.

So glad to see black people hugging cops who express sorrow over attitudes that led to so many executions. And cops marching with protesters. Trump is being sued over breaking another amendment. Get that man out!!

I have contacted more media about my plight with the planned construction. A man from my county council picked it up and has sent it to complaints there.

There are decent people out there with a conscience. I have met some wonderful people.

Most of us are decent and well mannered. Most of us are kind and don’t hesitate to help others.

We accept apologies. We don’t continue feuds, especially based on assumptions. In my work, and life generally, I don’t assume anything. It makes an ass u me together.

I can’t stand people who won’t accept an apology. I will apologise even when I am in the right, as I value relationships more than being right.

There is a huge yacht in the harbour, motionless but lights on. She is either in difficulty or fog bound. Some tugs are moving around her. I’m curious. I will drop in at the harbour master later and ask.

Her lights are out now but no boat has ever moored alongside just there. It’s the fishing shambles. Fish are unloaded there.

Another huge cruiser is just further out. Did they collide? The plot thickens.