No rain, cool day…

There is meant to be more rain, but not today. It’s meant to be changeable all weekend.

Construction stops and starts and that distresses me. I can imagine Malice reading this, because I know she does, all gleeful at the thought that I might lose my light.

As a copper said to me, she will get what’s coming to her. The evil she does.

An acquaintance named Helena, has also experienced her evil, as somehow, Mike was taken from her. She thinks I’m a much better match for him than Malice and couldn’t believe how much he’d told me about himself in such a short time. Yeah, we connected.

My ankle is still very painful. My doctor says it’s a very bad sprain and might take months. I know it can take much longer. I’ve had sprains from sports that took about a year.

We’re lowering the dose of my med. Yes, the med that keeps me alive. The side effects are horrendous.


Nominated for the Liebster award…

I’ve been nominated by

for the Liebster Award. I’m not sure what to do or how to respond. I’m hopeless with links. These are questions he asked me:

What is that one hobby/interest/talent which you have side-lined but would like to revisit and why?

Cooking. I have travelled a lot a picked up recipes. I worked as a cook in Barcelona, Spain and Enniskillen, the North of Ireland. I love feeding people and experimenting. I still cook, but less lavishly.

Who is your role model (if any) and why?

My Dad. He could mix with royalty and the poorest without distinction. He was kind, patient, loving and tender. He was universally loved, and taught me to love nature, respect it and leave it alone. He was my strength when I had none.

What do you think are your greatest strengths?

Gosh, I’m not sure I know. Determination, grit, compassion, being a friend, thinking outside the box, not conforming. I am generous and have a huge capacity to love.

What is that one piece of writing/post that you are most proud of?

Any piece that confronts racism, poverty, hunger, and war. I hope all of these are reflected in my poetry as well as blog posts.

What do you do to motivate yourself when you are down?

Self talk. We are what we think. I try to tell myself I am worth loving. That giving up fails myself and my family. I tell myself things will get better.