This super yacht appeared yesterday. It’s tiny in comparison to the $1billion one moored alongside further down west, and a snap at £35million. Why not have two? On this one your less likely to lose your companions for as long.

It is unattractive, being grey which must absorb a lot of heat unless it is insulted. Oh silly me, of course it’s insulated.

Too big for a berth it’s moored alongside the Quay unless they’ve moved it. I’m glad money doesn’t buy happiness.

I had a shock when paramedics turned up. I thought it was my yodel courier who is very pleasant. I shouted to hang on a sec and bent to pick up my mail. The door opened and I had to put a hand out to stop myself being knocked out and my head crushed against the wall.

I thought maybe they’d come for a cup of tea, but no someone had phoned in that I was suicidal. I’m stunned but drawing no conclusions.

I’ve had trolls on Instagram, and on facebook, as well as on a community website. I know who that is.

It isn’t clever. They give themselves away so easily.

My head aches. The last symptom of the missed med las night. I’m otherwise OK now. I did allow two new comments on post, but they got argumentative so I trashed comments. I really don’t need billigerence on my blog. Ok, how do you spell that that word?

My daughter came this morning with a fresh supply of my med. And made me brunch. She’s coming again to make dinner. She bought me some lovely tea towels because she has needed to mop stuff up. She knows I hate paper towels as they use up trees.

One good thing is that my ankle was bandaged to give it support by one of the paramedics. I shower everyday, so that may become a problem but I have a lovely stool in my bathroom so I can put that into the shower and stick my foot out.

My breathing was ragged earlier but better now. My phone tells me it’s raining, but it isn’t although there are grey clouds.


I’ve realised why…

I’ve had so much traffic. Not only have I been nominated for an award, but I was invited to post one of my blog posts at a site because it was ”outstanding”.

I’m feeling very unwell as I discovered the second med. I take had run out. The pharmacy sent only half of my script. This one doesn’t keep me alive but helps. The trouble is that a missed dose makes one feel weird and strange. It passes off but it is unpleasant. So for the next few hours I will be feeling horrible.

I’ve had four nuisance calls this morning. I’ve also had numerous phone calls about a non-existent car accident. I am not stupid.

I am no threat to anyone. I’m pretty insignificant to anyone except my daughter. I’m not in love with anyone, I don’t write poison letters, and this blog at no time mentions where I live. I make sure that any surname used is across the whole country.

My ankle has been incredibly painful since last night. This morning my whole leg was hot and throbbing. It has reduced now, but is still uncomfortable.

My breathing is OK even though I’ve only taken my med once this week. I have been needing my inhaler more often and at times have struggled to breathe, but I cannot cope with the side effects.

It’s so weird how a person can proclaim their love, their protection and that no one else in the world matters and be gone the next day. Without a word.

I would give anything for a hour with my Dad and other people throw their family away. The injustice!

I am sickened by some peoples’ attitude to ward the protests against the brutality toward black people in America or here. White privilege is so obstructive one could fall over it and break one’s leg.

It isn’t only George Floyd. It’s Ahmaud Arbery. It’s Joy Gardner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and so many, many more.

No one understands unless they’re black. I saw fear on my black friends’ faces when a cop car drove by, I understood why they were afraid, but I can’t even imagine it.