Fruit and tiredness…

My strawberries are wonderfully sweet. I add them to muesli or pancakes. And loads of tomatoes are on the plants. Small and green but it’s early yet.

The figs are doing very well too. I’m a happy gardener.

Loads more flowers are blooming, and I found a replacement swing seat. I’m really happy as it’s homemade so much less expensive than shop bought ones.

I planted my hanging baskets but need some more soil. They will survive for now.

I am tired. My headache went but I am weary. I finished the fritata. When it is cold one can pick it up with fingers. It’s almost all protein so very healthy.

I’m going to bed now.


Not feeling so great…

I’m just watching a RNLI boat going out to rescue another person(s) that are probably taking risks. That’s all it’s been since lockdown ended.

I’ve had headaches for several days now. It seems I am to blame for things I was unaware of during a chaotic zoom meeting. How odd. It’s funny how people one considers a friend can start making accusations which are totally false when there were 12 of us present and they left for ten minutes.

I do thank God that I have friends who are true no matter what they hear said about me.

Last night I made frittata for dinner except I forgot the sweet potato. It was ham, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and yoghurt with spices and kosher salt. It was warming and tasted good and there’s enough for lunch.

My ankle hurts though, as a result of making it. My daughter often doesn’t finish work until after seven.

I need to finish painting the gates. Only a tiny bit to do. I just don’t like how weary I feel afterward. At least it is cool. I think summer may be over. Now that there is another forest fire.

I’m grateful for good sleep. What a difference it makes.