How I ache…

I woke this morning aching just about everywhere. I eventually remembered that I had pushed my trolley a small way as it is low on battery. The guy who serviced it a year ago swindled me. It’s a complex story and I’m not going into it here. But I should not experience this for another two or three years.

I had been out to see the neighbour who is going to put in the battery I have purchased. He was meant to come on Friday but it poured with rain and yesterday was also very wet.

When I say ‘neighbour’ I don’t mean just the houses that are either side me. I think of everyone as my neighbour.

This man is very busy and I don’t like to intrude. I know he will come.

I have taken pain killers and am moving around gently. My ankle is much less swollen now and only hurts sometimes.

The weather is still grey, but there was a lovely sunny interval yesterday evening. It made me feel grateful to be alive.