Here’s the truth…

In November 2018 Mike appeared in my bedroom at 3am. He seemed sweet and earnest so after failing to get him to leave I told him I would talk to him downstairs. (I should have called the police.)

During this bizarre visit, things happened that can only be described as molestation.

DW also trespassed into my home at 6am.

The following Tuesday, the 13 11 18, M came to apologise. I accepted his apology on the condition that he help put together some flat pack items and get rid of some stuff that my ex, while visiting, had left behind.

M agreed. He came on the Saturday 17 11 18 and we started on the flat pack stuff. He then announced he was off to watch rugby with a friend. We had not finished. He said he would return to finish it the next weekend.

At around 5pm he messaged me and invited me to have Spanish stew with him. I accepted. After all, he was a boring man but appeared to have a sweet side.

After dinner and watching the rugby, I dozed off. I had had several glasses of wine. Things happened that evening that are not legal.

The next weekend M did not turn up to complete his promise, ignoring two messages from me.

On the Tuesday of that week, I messaged both M and DW about his promise.

M blocked me and DW rudely told me that he would never help me with anything ever again.

I was calm but upset at this woman, who had so often spoken badly about M should again speak for him.

The next evening someone who I was friendly with was at my home and got angry that a lot of clutter was still in place and they took it and threw it over the fence into the garden nextdoor. This made me angry and I asked her to leave. I have not seen her since.

In the morning I was in my garden when these items started being thrown back by DW. The first one almost caused a head injury, and I asked her to stop. She did not. I took what I could to my dustbin, and put the rest in a black sack for my daughter or friend to take to the dump.

I then called the police. They fitted a lock that worked on my backdoor and took a statement about events from me. This included sexual crimes.

It seems DW doesn’t answer the door when the police knock on it.

I owed M £3 so put it through the letterbox with an apology for the stuff being thrown over the fence. He accepted my apology. DW did not. She returned everything I had given her. M had to replace one of the books for me.

On 27 12 18 DW threw 12kg of kindling over the fence into my garden. Later would come a jar of wax and a food guard.

The police advised me to go to the ASB dept of the council. I stupidly did not as I thought the officer was going to do it anyway.

In late January I received a letter from the ASB team saying they would visit. I phoned them and reported all that I had experienced in anti social behaviour from DW. My friend had also received emails from DW that were so foul in nature I cannot repeat them here or anywhere. I sent them to the ASB.

After that, DW banged on the adjoining wall, called me names when I was returning from taking a parcel to a neighbour.

I was very angry that the letting agency were not going to be informed of the criminal behaviour and anti-social behaviour of DW.

In April my current neighbours showed me a malicious letter from DW. Everything fell together. How my previous neighbours knew about my blog, why they turned hostile overnight.

I have tried to apologise to the letting agent for telling them that they must be gossiping about me. Their response was hostility.

In February this year I started getting phone calls for the letting agency. Finally, I was able to ask a caller how they had got my number. It was the Landlord Association and DW had given them my number. The calls then stopped.

I was unnerved that the malicious letter was hand delivered at a time when there were no buses. DW is not the type to walk a long distance. It turns out she has moved very close to me.

DW has appeared on a community website as John Thomas, Dawn ???, and Sarah Fox. She managed to turn some people against me and scared other people away. I am currently not using it.

The police have revealed the lies she told them, shown by emails from M. I have never done anything wrong, so her letters are not only malicious but libellous.

The police have seen her letter.