Helping a punched in the face girl is hard work…

It’s been a difficult day. I didn’t wake until late and felt blue so I napped until 3pm.

Apart from paying a bill, I’ve accomplished very little except I collected my prescription. I cried all the way home because the pharmacy door was shut and I couldn’t get in. So much for equality. A shut door takes all equality away.

I was leaving to go to the store when I came across a young girl crying into her phone. She had been punched in the face. That she had had drink didn’t her. I brought her back to my house and phoned for an ambulance. She was obviously distressed but kept saying she loved the ex boyfriend. I told her she wasting her time and no one who loves anyone punches anyone.

She was obviously in shock and I gave her a bucket. She spewed everywhere except the bucket. I asked her to slow her breathing and kept reassuring her. She slid off my dining chair onto the floor, still vomiting. The ambo’s arrived and they moved her to my living room, where she vomited on my carpet.

She was taken out to the ambulance. They brought in some antiseptic wipes but I had already cleaned up and used disinfectant.

She at the hospital now and I updated the police. I gave them them the perpetrators name.

I had dinner but my appetite had gone.