A troll named Nigel Bendon

Nigel claims to live somewhere called North Hamworthy. He has used Hombre Banderas before and now ‘willowdaydreamer’ He first used his own email address.

He thinks I am lying about taking Laura to my home last night as he says I am ‘too frail’. He knows nothing about me.

Yes, it was hard work helping her, but she could walk. There was a lot of mess but that comes with the territory.

I DO NOT LEAVE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE ON THEIR OWN. If she had refused to come with me, I would have stayed with her and called an ambulance there. The police are also involved as a crime took place. They phoned me at 23.05 last night.

I know the name of the perp. He deserves jail. No one who loves anyone hits them or punches them or any other form of violence.

I am sick of Nigel Bendon and next time he tries to communicate with me I shall report him to the police as he seems to be a predator of women. He is pathetic and weak, preying on young women he is nosey about. If I find Gail I will tell her.