Medicinal plants…

On Sunday evening, I went to a friend’s place. We tend to be pretty chilled in each other’s company. I like that. We watched Country File, a programme about nature around theBritish Isles. It was a particularly good episode.

I ate a little piece of medicinal plant. I hoped to feel very loose and relaxed. Time went by and I felt nothing. I was really disappointed. I had hoped to find a way of being really relaxed so that sleep comes more easily. I didn’t stay very late, as I had something to sort with a friend in the States.

I fell asleep sometime after midnight. I slept well. I heard the morning radio news and thought I better get up. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t wake up. So I guess I need to eat medicinal plants in the morning.

Yesterday was a good day. The air felt fresh with no humidity. I wrote, made coffee and went shopping. As I was leaving, my neighbour’s removal van had arrived. I’m not sorry to see them go. They could be rude. There is no need for that. Life is too short.

I made pasta and tossed in some spinach and pinenuts with a little butter. It was great. I then ate some donuts which I regretted eating too soon. The taste of the pasta was so good.

I slept well and awoke to torrential rain. My garden needs it. I won’t need to water for a few days.

So far this week is good. I need to pick more tomatoes before they spoil.