And repeat…

I am wondering if I need to start another course of antibiotics. Although I still feel well, finally, I am wheezing again.

I am still sleeping like all get out, but exertion causes me wheezing. I should have spoken to my doctor in the week, but was sleeping until 1pm or so. It’s hard to squeeze everything in the remaining hours.

I attended a poetry zoom meeting last night. It was very good, but then my internet dropped out and that was curtailed. No Abby G Poetree there uming and aring and always choosing the same people. No silent cutting out of someone who responds to unkindness.

I sleep well well at night, and then on to lunch time. Even when I have breakfast. Even if I answer the door. I sit down and sleep. I must say I like it. I love being relaxed.

I don’t know how long this will go on.