Someone using Virgin media..

There is someone who uses Virgin as their IP who reads my blog. Once, they copied my whole blog, or downloaded it.

It seems you like to look at my recipes and cooking tips. As well as reading my other posts. I get my poetry revisited too.

Today was almost normal. To me, Christmas is twelve days, although since my daughter grew up it’s harder to celebrate that way.

I ate the last of the Christmas dinner. It tasted so good. I will do the same next year. When it warms up a little, I will roast some vegetables for a soup, and put the remainder in the fridge with some spices.

Next year I want to write more about the Climate Crisis and Black Lives Matter. I also want to write about the poverty in the UK. There are so many social issues that are important, but these three are my priority.

We are overwhelmed by Covid-19, ambulances and hospitals are under great pressure. The gov. is not doing the right thing. At least we have some governance, Trump wants to pretend it doesn’t exist. Around 12 000 Americans are dying everyday.


Got My Kindle Working and More…

So at last my kindle works. I asked Amazon Assistant three times to no avail, and then bingo! I don’t know what I did but it works.

I finished the Christmas dinner today. It had been in the fridge marinating. I simply added some mild spice when it went into the fridge. I had it with red cabbage to contrast. So, the turkey and roast veggies were yummy and ‘new’ and the red cabbage made a good pallette cleanser. I have Chardonnay to go with it. I’m surprised as I don’t usually choose Chardonnay but it is pleasant.

I heard from some people I did not expect to hear from this year. All good.

I have experienced some digestive problems, but lets not let that get in the way of good will and cheer.

Help others. Especially those who cannot offer to help you.


Christmas Season

Take a pound of goodwill and mix it with cheer, take numberless acts of random kindness, wrapped all together in a smile. Check on your neighbors, get their shopping, drop some coins in the box for charity.

Smile at each person that you pass, give up your seat on the bus. Make extra food to put on plates for those who have no one to see. There’s always room for more people at home.

Play the season’s songs or hum them, wrap gifts with love and a kiss, let the children decorate the tree with handmade baubles, and silver chains. Their friends can help them too. Place extra gifts for those you don’t expect to meet.

Take candy to work, and fix the elderly woman’s shelf, make sure all your neighbours fairy lights work.

Drop a card through the letterbox of the neighbour who shouted at you, send a text to the friend who was cross for no reason, goodwill — that’s what it means.

Sit down last at the table, having filled plates. Thank God for his goodness and pass it along. Let kindness and compliments be true from your lips.

Visit the unwell with a plate of hot food. Make sure none you know of are lonely, if you can spare half an hour.

Let the children sing, let them laugh and play. Go to bed knowing you can help others be happy, it just takes a tick. Wake, and be ready to do it all again.


A lot of you visited, only one clicked ‘like’. Merry Christmas…

Please click ‘like’ when you visit me. It means a lot.

Today is Christmas and my birthday. My wonderful daughter was here from Oxford.

It was so great to see her, to be in her presence. It’s been a bittersweet day, as she’s told me a lot of mistakes I made. It was painful for me.

No mother is perfect, and we all want to protect our children from hurt. I never set out to hurt my daughter.

It’s a minefield out there.

I’ve been wheezy most of the day.

I wonder why I wasted my health on the people I did. Especially my ex-husband. He has become the most difficult person in my life. We were friends for a long time but now that my health is poor, he stays away and couldn’t care less.

I pity him. He thinks his perceptions are truth. In fact, he’s never put any belief in me but makes it up as he goes along.


Thank you to all of you…

I am always amazed at how many of you read my blog each day. I know it’snot always the same people, but you are in almost every country in the world.

I want to wish you all a happy Christmas time wherever you live, and may peace be within you.

I am still very tired, but the sun is bright. I’ve had good wishes from many people. My daughter will be here soon, and that’s all that matters to me just now.

Sending you all my good wishes.


Jupiter and Saturn…

It was Jupiter and Saturn that aligned during the Solstice on Monday. My apologies for such a terrible error. I don’t know how that happened.

I didn’t see it. It was cloudy.

My Christmas lights didn’t work. A lot of disappointments in that cupboard this year.

I stopped taking steroids as my sleep is being disrupted and I am bruising badly. My breathing is much better so I think it’s best to stop now.


Inexplicably tired…

Since yesterday I feel incredibly tired. I slept well last night but I keep falling asleep today.

I guess I just want it to be spring. I want sunshine.


Saturn and Mars align today…

This afternoon at about 4.30pm GMT , Saturn and Mars will align and appear as as single light in the sky.

I have felt weary today. I did not sleep well last. I was sluggish this morning and I just got back from the hairdresser and feel overwhelmed. I lay down but I can’t rest.

My cleaner will be here soon to help make sense of the house and put up the Christmas tree.

I want my daughter’s room to look as welcoming as possible. I will put a throw on her bed, and some scented candles.

I am longing for her to arrive.



Tomorrow is the shortest day. I am always pleased to reach the Solstice because then I can count the days until they start lengthening.

Tomorrow night there will be Geomids – shooting stars. You should be able to see them.

Daylight stays almost still until the 25th when two minutes more light is measurable.


Continuing to be well…

I am still well, and it is such a relief. My friends came over yesterday, with their baby. We all stayed seperate. It was good to chat and catch up. The baby is a delight.

Today is much colder. I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I’m going to snuggle up in the warm…


Still feeling well…

On Wednesday evening I zoomed to two different poetry events. This isn’t the best etiquette, but I am pleading grace for it.

My daughter called in between, which is probably why I did not return to the first zoom event.

Someone gave me Malibu for my birthday. I have enjoyed some with peach juice. I do love it, and it reminds me of my sister.

This is my third Christmas/birthday without my sister.

Tomorrow, friends are coming with their baby. I can’t wait.


Dinner at a friend’s…

Yesterday evening, I went to the home of a friend for dinner. It was really pleasant. It felt so good to venture out across the harbour, the sky was clear and the stars were bright.

My friend gets up very early and then finds the early dark nights cause him to start drinking. This worries me as it is becoming his habit. A dangerous habit. If he were to get up a bit later and readjust his schedule, he would not feel that void. It’s a long evening of drinking when one starts at 4.30pm.

Coming back this morning was stormy. Wind and rain. Very few people around. It seems calmer now.

It is so good to be feeling well again. It was such a long time – or so it seemed. I still take one steroid tablet and must ask when it would be advisable to stop. I don’t want to be dependent on them.

I took a photo on the bridge yesterday. Not the best one I’ve ever taken, but it’s a reminder of being better and out.

(I stay in my friend’s spare room. It actually is spare and I sleep alone.)