Very tired and a cooking tip…

Do you ever roast your vegetables after they are cooked?

If you have had a meal with root vegetables, try to have more than you need. Then put them in oven with olive oil, dried chilli, and some walnuts, and roast them until slightly charred.

Put them in an airtight container for upto 5 days. Those flavours will seep in more. When you serve them as a warm winter salad with some kale and mozzerella, you will be unflustered, cool and calm.

I find it helpful to make two meals at once when I can.

I am so tired. I am still taking the steroids. They cause me to feel amped up, hard to relax, and at times somewhat hot.

With all the problems with my new boiler, I have been having to let engineers and electricians in at all hours. The electrician was great, easy to talk with and explained the timer to me. He put it exactly where I wanted it.

I get woken by cold calls. This makes me cross, though I do get back to sleep. Broken sleep is not as restful as sleeping through.

I feel nervous that I don’t breathe as well as I could. I feel disturbed that the remedy for my breathing aggravates neurological disease.

Although I can speak with my doctor by phone, it is not as good as being seen. A lot of medical information is in seeing the patient.

Someone called me racist yesterday. It really stung because I write so much against racism, and people I know who are from ethnic minorities admire how I tackle lynching in America and other places.

Hey ho.