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I just watched Ireland beat Scotland very convincingly. They were playing at Lansdowne Road, where Scotland have not won for a decade. England is the most recent visitor to win there.

If Ireland could just find it themselves mentally to win in Paris, they would be truly phenomemal.

I felt sorry for Peter Mahony, who put the ball down just on the wrong side of the try line.

I had a better day yesterday, until I went to bed and then I thought death was inniment. I eventually fell asleep and woke feeling much better.

My boiler fails every day. I am fed up completely. On Monday, I will insist that it is replaced.

Friends helped me plant a dwarf cherry tree yesterday. It arrived long after I had bought it and needed to get it in soil.

The stormy rain last night fitted my physical state. But I was warm and dry, and though alone, not lonely.