Greek lamb and sound sleep…

Here’s a recipe that is amazing. I don’t use measuring much, but go by taste…

1 leg of lamb

1 large pot natural yogurt

1 teaspoon cumin, turmeric, half teaspoon ginger or chilli (you may need to double this)1#

1 clove garlic maybe more

Slash into the meat on the lamb, after trimming any excess fat. Cut in randomly all over the leg.

Separate the garlic clove and push segments into the slashes you have made.

Mix the spices into the yogurt and brush onto the meat, pushing the mixture into the slashes.

Wrap in tin foil and put in fridge overnight.

Cook in a medium oven for as long as possible. When it is cooked, make the juices into a gravy by adding flour and thickening. (Roux sauce) Add any left over yogurt/spice mixture.

This is great with roast or sauteed potatoes, roasted root vegetables or really anything.

Yesterday was the first day my heating worked without incident. A friend visited with her baby. We kept our distance. I really enjoyed the visit.

At about 8 pm I felt very tired. I laid on my bed, and had very few neurological symptoms. I drifted into sleep around 10 or so and slept well until this morning.

Today, the door has had to be answered twice. I got ‘hot’ from my neurological disease and perspiration was plentiful. I changed into a lighter top, but realisedit has manmade fibre, as my skin felt trapped. Changed again into a linen top. All clothes with manmade fibres are going to charity. I thought I was rid of them, but apparently not.

I feel better now, but need to lay low just not to get hot again.