I am better!…and The Freeze

Since I realised it was the heating that was aggravating my neurolgical disease, I turned the heating down by one degree. That has made a huge difference.

I woke this morning and felt well. I revelled in it. I am still feeling well. It’s hard to think I thought I was fighting a fever, and thought I might need hospital.

Finally, I am feeling well and have no worries. I wish I had realised about the heating andmy neurological disease sooner. I do keep the heating low…

The Freeze

The freeze is here, coating trees with white
kissing ponds with icy lips
nipping the tender plants

Yet buds are showing, nature confused
figs are ripe, out of season
the gases industries release

Our breath is clear to see, like smoke
air cracks with cold, snow thunder
buds attempt to bloom