A lot of you visited, only one clicked ‘like’. Merry Christmas…

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Today is Christmas and my birthday. My wonderful daughter was here from Oxford.

It was so great to see her, to be in her presence. It’s been a bittersweet day, as she’s told me a lot of mistakes I made. It was painful for me.

No mother is perfect, and we all want to protect our children from hurt. I never set out to hurt my daughter.

It’s a minefield out there.

I’ve been wheezy most of the day.

I wonder why I wasted my health on the people I did. Especially my ex-husband. He has become the most difficult person in my life. We were friends for a long time but now that my health is poor, he stays away and couldn’t care less.

I pity him. He thinks his perceptions are truth. In fact, he’s never put any belief in me but makes it up as he goes along.